Build Your Watch List Day 5: Electronic Stores and Equipment

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Welcome to Day 5 of the Build Your Watch List series!

Today's industry: Electronic Stores and Equipment

This one's fairly easy since we're all tied to our electronics these days! But think about taking it a step further... In what stores are our electronics sold? Cell phones... who makes the screen or the battery? Computers... who makes the hard drives or processors? When those main companies are doing well there are some other companies that are part of the production phase that benefit as well.

*Not investment advice.

Today's tasks:

  • Look up at least two companies in the electronics industry

  • Share

If you need the video on how to research each industry and stock, you can watch it here.


When picking stocks for trading:

  • pick stocks that move at least $1 or more per day

  • pick stocks priced at $20 or more

When picking stocks for investing:

  • pick stocks of companies that have been around for a long time and will continue to be around for even longer, classics

  • pick companies that are seen as solid and well ran


Join the Discussion

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