Stock Up Savings Series: Savings Goal

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Welcome to Stock Up Savings! During this series you'll work to save $1700 over the next 18 weeks!


Here's what to expect...

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Week 1: Review and Audit
Each day this week, you'll get an email that will help you set a goal, review your finances, and put your savings on auto-pilot.


Week 2 - 17: Automation and Mindset
With your savings on auto-pilot, you'll do 2 check-ins per week. One for accountability and one to learn a new tip about the mindset of trading the stock market.


Week 18: Account Funded! 
You'll now have $1700 saved so let's get the party started!


Today’s tasks:

Let me know you're saving with us!
Comment below letting me know you're saving with us, your goal, and where you're from. 

Or choose your favorite platform below and leave me a comment letting me know you're saving with us!

Let me know on this Facebook post.

Or this Instagram post.


Pick an accountability partner.
You can do this by inviting a friend or family member or connect with someone in the Stocks and Profit group under the WEEK 1, DAY 1 thread. Already have a buddy? Click on over and tag them!

Download the Stock Up Savings Calendar.
Want a quick way to keep track of the challenge? Click the link below to get your Stock Up Savings Calendar.

Why are today's tasks so important?
Declaring your goals is powerful and tells the universe you're coming for what's yours! And having others to help keep you accountable increases your chances of reaching your savings goal!

Alright! That's it for today. Tomorrow, we talk mindset.

See you then!



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