Profit Report: September 2017

September 2017 Profit Report for Tela Holcomb trend trading swing trading

September always seems to be a pivotal month for me. Something big always happens. 

September 2005 I got out of the military.

September 2009 I changed jobs

September 2012 I was fired

September 2015 I started teaching what I know about trading the stock market

September 2016 I connected with some major people in the finance world and it exploded my business

This year? This year's happening was ah-mah-zing

September 2017, I was featured in Glamour magazine

Click photo to read article.

Click photo to read article.


Since the release of the magazine in September, my business and exposure has exploded even more! More people got to learn my story and know that creating an income through the stock market is possible.

I'm so touched by everyone that has reached out to let me know how I've inspired them. Your words really keep me going!

Tela Holcomb Glamour Magazine Followers

So let's get to the numbers for September...

Now, if you're not familiar with my profit reports 📊, I've started publishing them once a month to share how much 💰 I'm making in the stock market as well as what I'm learning and how I'm growing as a trader, investor, and mentor.

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