Profit Report: March 2016

I didn't trade much during the month of March. I really focused on improving my online trading course (Trade Your 9 to 5) and preparing for a relaunch of it in April. I knew I'd be really distracted with my long to-do list and family commitments, so I decided to keep my trading to a minimum.

One thing I teach my clients in TY9to5 is you don't have to trade every day. In fact, over trading is bad for your bottom line!

When you over trade you start to become complacent. You're either trying to recover money that you lost so you buy any stock you can click on. Or you're on a winning streak and you just know (at least you think you know) you can't lose.

That's where many traders lose.

And they lose big.

So trust me when I say, it's ok to not trade for a couple of days. 

Here's this month's profit report to prove that you can take a few days (ok ok most of the month) off and still make a profit!

The two trades I entered into this month were

I bought both of those in two of my accounts.


Roth IRA

Trading Account


Trading Account

Roth IRA

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