Profit Report: April 2016

Hey there! Here is the profit report for April (two months ago!). I've been doing a bit of traveling, making some updates to my signature course (Trade Your 9 to 5) and hustling for the next launch in July. I felt like it was a ways away but man! It's getting here fast! 😅

The most exciting thing that happened this month is I traveled to my home State of Alabama to celebrate my Great Grandma turning 100!  💯 ya'll! 🎉

Great Grandma's 100th Shindig

Do you see that?? That's what 100 years young looks like! I pray 🙏🏾 I live that long, look that good 💃🏾 and in that great of health!

Now, if you're not familiar with my profit reports 📊, I've started publishing them once a month to share how much 💰 I'm making in the stock market as well as what I'm learning and how I'm growing as a trader and investor.

So let's get to the numbers for April...

April 2016 Profit Report

I had a few stocks on my radar this month but only got a solid 💪🏾 set up on one.

I look for stocks that have trends coming up but if the overall market isn't headed in that direction at that time I won't make the trade. 🙅🏾


Trading Account

April 2016 Trading Journal

Click images below to see chart details of each trade.

Income Account

I did not do any trades in my Income Account this month.

Roth IRA

I did not do any trades in my Roth IRA this month.

The biggest lesson I learned in April

The lesson I learn in April was more of a reminder to enjoy life. This is exactly why I got into trading and investing for an income. So I can enjoy the smaller or in this case the bigger things in life. To be able to get up and go celebrate my Great Grandma's 100th birthday... do you hear that??  💯!!

To be able to go to Alabama and celebrate 100 years of life was nothing short of ahmahzing! This is what drives me and this is what keeps me going.


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