Featured in Glamour. Click to read.

Featured in Glamour. Click to read.

I'm a stocks and options trader, investor and serial entrepreneur. I'm financially free and living a life I love!

But, I haven't always been...

I used to be dependent on a 9 to 5 to pay my bills. And although I got paid very well it just… never fit right. I wanted to spend more time with my family and travel. Not climb someone's corporate ladder.

In 2009, I started learning how to trade the stock market. I learned a system of trading and investing that had the potential of replacing my paycheck but didn't require me to be behind a computer 8hrs/day. Seeing the possibilities, I made a plan to be financially free and "retired" by 2014.

In 2012, I lost my job and at first I was devastated! This wasn't part of my plan. I wasn't ready. Then, I realized I was already trading my 9 to 5. I had been making a consistent income through the stock market that equaled (and at times exceeded) my paycheck. By consistently implementing my system, I was able to reach financial freedom and in 8 months I more than doubled my retirement account. 

About Tela

Now, I am on a mission to teach other women how to trade the stock market so they can break free of their 9 to 5, create a monthly income and build a financial legacy.

I believe anyone can learn the stock market when it's put in plain English.

Join The Exchange and let me show you!