About Tela

I'm a stocks and options trader, investor and serial entrepreneur. I'm financially free and living a life I love!

But, I haven't always been...

I used to be dependent on a 9 to 5 to pay my bills. And although I got paid very well it just… never fit right. I wanted to own my own business, spend more time with my family and travel. Not climb someone's corporate ladder.

In 2009, I started learning how to trade and invest in the stock market. I learned a system of trading and investing that had the potential of replacing my paycheck but didn't require me to be behind a computer 8hrs/day. Seeing the possibilities, I made a plan to be financially free and "retired" by 2014.

In 2012, I lost my job and at first I was devastated! This wasn't part of my plan. I wasn't ready. Then, I realized I was already trading my 9 to 5. I had been making a consistent income through the stock market that equaled (and at times exceeded) my paycheck. By consistently implementing my system, I was able to reach financial freedom and in 8 months I more than doubled my retirement account. 

I wasn't put on this earth to work for someone my entire life, pay bills and die. And neither were you!

Featured in Glamour Magazine, I am on a mission to teach other women how to break free of their 9 to 5, create a monthly income and build a financial legacy through trading and investing in the stock market.

Maybe you want to create supplemental income.

Maybe you want the ability to work because you WANT to not because you HAVE to

Maybe you want to leave your 9 to 5 all together.

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I believe anyone can learn the stock market when it's put in plain English.

Join The Exchange and let me show you!