I’m Tela Holcomb, mom, wife, six-figure stocks and options trader, 9 to 5 survivor, risk taker and freedom catcher … but that hasn’t always been my life.

You see, in 2009, I became intrigued by stocks trading, but real talk … the lingo was confusing as hell. Nevertheless, I blazed up my brain, devoured as much information as I could (and lost money) until I’d found a way of trading that would position me to pay off debt and retire by 2014.

Now, that would’ve been an incredible achievement … but I never made it.

About Tela

In 2012, my job of 4 years gave me the deuces, and I was seemingly left out in the shivering cold to curl up in a dark corner eating Ramen noodles.

You’d think after losing my job I would’ve waved the white flag, but NOPE I didn’t. In fact, firing me was the best thing that employer ever did for me. And how could that be? Well, that unexpected kick in the butt forced me to use the stock market knowledge stored in my brain to achieve financial freedom even sooner than I’d planned.

So, instead of retiring in 2014, I smacked financial freedom in the face and more than doubled my retirement account by 2013 – just 8 months after being fired from my “good-paying” job.

Featured in Glamour. Click to read.

Featured in Glamour. Click to read.

I’m not a stock broker. I’m simply an ambitious mom and wife who will stop at nothing to build a legacy of wealth for my family without hustling so much that I never get to spend time with the people who matter most to me. I am a straight-talking success igniter who pushes people to propel past their most unimaginable dreams.  

I’m on a mission to help action takers like you how to Trade Your 9 to 5™️ so you can live life on FIRE (financially independent, retired early)!

I understand the frustration that comes with feeling forced to clock into an employer’s dream. I also know the rewards of giving my damn self raises, bonuses and “promotions” and doing what brings ME joy.

And I’m going to use my knowledge, experience and every encounter with the thousands of people whose lives I’ve touched to show you how to do the same for yourself.

I’m on a mission to help 10 people
trade their 9 to 5 by 2028!

Anyone can learn the stock market when it’s put in plain English! Join The Exchange and let me show you!